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First edition of the Snow Race by Gos Àrctic

From the 18th to the 22nd of February
News date: 11-02-2019
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From the 18th to the 22nd of February, the first edition of the Snow Race by Gos Àrctic will be held in the Pyrenees of Lleida, a 5-day mover race that aims to recover the spirit of Pirena, the white route of the Pyrenees

If we look at the mushing discipline, the reigning category of sledges thrown by 12 dogs, the fight will be between the Catalans Kiko Vallespí and Carles Calicó and the Valencians Ismael Piñol and Joaquín Sáez. With 8 dogs, the Aragonese Spanish Jesus and Jaume Pou, from Mallorca, settled in Aragon, and Catalan Carles Franch, have been registered. And with sleds thrown by 6 dogs, Itoitz Armendáriz, the Catalan and junior of the test, will be the Basque player, Teo Tarifa, just 16 years old, and two shots with Nordic dogs, that of Catalan Eloi Contreras and that of Navarrese settled in the Aragonese Pyrenees Joserra Lebrón.


In the category of skijoiring, they will fight for the final victory of the Basque Larraitz Sorron, who recently achieved the third position in the world IFSS disputed in France, the Catalan Marta Bosch, one of the runners of reference throughout the state, and Andalusian José Maria Medina, who premiered in the discipline in a mid-distance race.


The dispute is scheduled for 6 stages - day and night - in 5 days. The first two days will be played at the Aranese station of Baqueira Beret and the other two at the station of the Port Ainé Pallars. Wednesday will be a rest day for teams. On the last day, Friday February 22, the closing ceremony will be held at the hotel Port Ainé 2000, with the awards ceremony.


Snow Race by Gos Àrctic Dog is conceived as a mid-distance race, and it is expected to include stages between 22 and 28 km (depending on the quantity and quality of the snow). It will be the reference of the season in the Pyrenees and seeks to return the sport's role with dogs in the Catalan mountains, reviving the spirit of the Pirena.


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First edition of the Snow Race by Gos Àrctic
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