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Leisure and Adventure Park


    At Leisure and Adventure Park you can find the best alternative activities to skiing.

    In the Port Ainé Leisure Park you can enjoy the following activities::


    • Track of Sleighs: located at the level 2000 of the station that is accessed by the debutant band and in which children and adults can enjoy downloads with maximum security. Assured fun!


    • Tubbing's track: the tubbing consists of going down a slide with a pneumatic giant nut. The track of Port Ainé is 120 meters long and is an activity that is suitable for all audiences (children from one meter tall or 4 years old, and a maximum weight of 100kg per tubbing).


    • Adventure Park in the Trees - Multiadventure Circuit: This is a park where, after an introduction to the material (harnesses and safety carabiners) and the rules of use, small and large can make the circuit of shape Stand alone requiring team supervision and monitors. The circuit runs at 7 meters high and is accessed from moving stairs with logs and consists of 1 Tibetan bridge, 3 towers and 2 zip lines. It is suitable for children after 7 years and 1.20m in height (both conditions) accompanied by a responsible adult.


    • Mini adventure park (from 4 years old) 10 games for intrepid adventurers! Suitable for those over 4 years old and up to 1.30m, with the help of parents or guardians, they will be able to independently perform the 10 games that comprise it: Nepali bridge, networks, suspended bridge, final zip, among others.


    • Snow Garden: A place where children can have a good time playing and learning. The snow garden facilities have an interior play area equipped with recreational and educational material and another with psychomotor games and rest areas.


    Access to the ski lifts (exclusive for the activities of the Lúdic Park, not for skiing)

    For further information call
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  • Opening hours

    Every day
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Leisure Park Rates

    Season 2023-2024


    Leisure Park Conditions

    Age from 4 years. Children must be accompanied by an adult to do the activities.
    Children: from 4 to 11 years old.
    It allows unlimited access for 3 hours to the activities of the Leisure Area: Tubbing, Tobogganing and Adventure Park in the trees.

    Adventure Park in the Trees Conditions

    Large circuit: For people over 7 years old and over 1.40 m high. Minors should always do the activity accompanied by their parents or guardians.
    Small circuit: For children from 4 years old and a maximum of 1.40 m and/or 40 kg. Always with monitoring and under the supervision of parents or guardians.

    Entrance to the Leisure Park - Adult (3 hours)
    € 15.00
    Entrance to the Leisure Park - Children (3 hours)
    € 10.00
    Snow garden (1 hour)
    € 2.00
    Snowshoe rental
    € 8.00
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