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  • Snowshoeing itineraries

    If you don't like to ski but you love white mountains, snowshoeing allows you to enjoy nature in a different way. It is an easy activity and accessible to people with different levels, so it is perfect for families with children or groups of friends.


    To do the itinerary comfortably it is needed to bring this minimum material: 

    - Mountain boots

    - Water

    - Sun lotion

    - Sunglasses


    ROUTE 1. Interpretation Trip in Port Ainé

    It is a route designed for families done by the Official Guide of Alt Pirineu Natural Park. The main objective is to discover the alpine forests of this Park. 

    Along the way there are interpretive panels explaining the main plants and animals that inhabit these woods. from la coma del forn lookout you can admire a beautiful view of Masses de lorry and its sourrandings.


    Circular route of 1.5 km. (approximately 2 hours of duration)

    Departure hours: 10:00 p.m. (if there is no excursion to Pic de l'Orri) and 12:30 p.m. (if there is an excursion to Pic de l'Orri)


    ROUTE 2. Trip to Pic de l'Orri

    Long route around Port Ainé ski resort. It goes to two panoramic lookouts located in Pic de l'Orri, with a 360 ° view of the Pyrenees.

    The price includes Jet Cim chairlift ticket. During the route, the Official Guide of Alt Pirienu Natural Park gives some explanations about the sourrandings.

    Departure hours: 9:30 p.m. 

  • Opening hours

    It is necessary to make a previous reservation by calling 973 627 614 or 671 512 641.


    Saturday and Sunday
    10.00 am
    Saturday - segond round (if the 1st is full)
    12.30 am
    For further information call
    +34 973 627 614 or 671 512 641
    or send an e-mail to
  • Rates

    Prices depend on the trips and the age.

    Child (<12 years)
    Route 1: Interpretation Trip in Port Ainé
    € 15.00
    € 12.00
    Route 2: Trip to Pic de l'Orri
    € 20.00
    € 15.00
    Rental (on weekdays)
    € 8,00
    € 8,00
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