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Port Ainé will be asphalting La Rabasta parking lot this winter season 2022-2023

News date: 08-11-2022
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The 9,000-square-meter parking lot has a capacity for 290 vehicles


The parking lots have been rearranged and the spaces for coaches, motorhomes and vehicles for people with reduced mobility have been delimited and relocated

The Port Ainé resort is opening this winter season 2022-2023 the asphalting of the La Rabasta parking lot. The parking lot, of 9,000 square meters and with capacity for 290 vehicles, has a one-way access road of 6 meters wide that will allow the flow of users.


With this action, which began last season and now ends with the asphalting of these parking spaces, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat improves the comfort of visitors to the Port Ainé station, which also has three other parking areas at elevation 2000, which together with the parking at elevation 1600, total about 1,240 spaces.


The work on the parking lot platform was carried out using bioengineering techniques to respect the environment as much as possible and ensure the integration of the project into the landscape. The area consists of two levels, making it compatible with the slope and gradient of the mountain. In the central part, the natural terrain of trees that separates the two levels of the parking lot was safeguarded.


In this space, 5 totem poles cut in wood have also been installed with recreations of the most representative fauna of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. Work of the sculptor Aarón Pérez Silva, the sculptures have been created with the desire to take advantage of the trees that did not meet the requirements to be used for the containment of the walls or the delimitation of the railings.



A staircase has also been installed to connect the lower level of the La Rabasta parking lot with the Roní car park. In addition, skiers and snowboarders from the upper part of the La Rabasta parking lot will now be able to access the service area at elevation 2000 with their skis on.


An important action is also the rearrangement of the parking lots, with the delimitation and relocation of spaces for coaches, motor homes and vehicles for people with reduced mobility, which will allow a better and more comfortable access to the slopes. In this line, about 40 spaces have been allocated for motorhomes in two areas adjacent to the Roní parking lot and very close to the access stairs to the intermediate station of the Roní chairlift. There will also be parking spaces for coaches next to the area where the motorhomes will be located. The parking spaces for vehicles for people with reduced mobility in the La Font parking lot at elevation 2000 have been enlarged and redefined to guarantee better accessibility to the service area.


At elevation 1650, 2 electric recharging points have been installed to allow the charging of up to 4 vehicles.


Finally, the maintenance of the arrival road at elevation 2000 has been carried out, as well as the remodeling of the two curves before this elevation, which will improve accessibility to the station.

Port Ainé will be asphalting La Rabasta parking lot this winter season 2022-2023
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