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Starlight Guided Night Outing

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Port Ainé Christmas Festival

Come and enjoy the night sky of Port Ainé with an activity that will surprise the whole family.


We propose a night snowshoe route to the astronomical viewpoint of the Port Ainé station, located near the 2000 level. During the route, we will enjoy the snowy forest and the silence of the sunset.
Once at the viewpoint, our guide will take you on an astronomy activity to contemplate the night sky and learn about constellations, stars, galaxies and planets. At the end, we will go back the same way.
Dare yourself with this activity and discover the night winter landscape of Port Ainé with the help of our guides.


Simple route to the astronomical viewpoint, approximately 1h-1h30 duration for the total activity.
Meeting point: entrance arch of the Port Ainé Amusement Park.
Minimum age: 7 years.


Minimum material required: Waterproof clothing + Hiking boots + Water + Frontal.
This activity is for a fee and must be booked here.

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