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La Corona del Pallars Circuit and New BTT routes

  • Road cycling

    Port Ainé has an special climbing. It has 19 km in length and a positive drop of 6,34% on average. Throughout the climb you can see the Alt Pirineu Natural Park and its wonderful landscapes. In addition, Pallars Sobirà offers numerous routes for all levels, wich are close to Noguera Pallaresa river. Nearby you can also find Bonaigua Canton, Espot, Sant Sant Maurici, Enviny...

  • La Corona del Pallars

    It is the biggest challenge you can do in this area. Download our app: if you finish it you will get a Ski Pallars Pass for free when buying another one. The start is located at the Sport Center and you can do it whenever you want. Your time will be published at www.espotesqui.cat

    Distance: 163 km.
    Descent: 3500 m.
    Hillocks: Estaís (1st), Sorge (3rd), Berrós (4th), Caregue (2nd), Olp (3th), Soriguera (1st), Port Ainé.


    2015 Corona del Pallars Standings
  • La Corona del Pallars Video

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    You can win a Ski Pallars Pass when buying another one.

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  • BTT routes in Port Ainé, a new world to explore

    Port Aine offers all cyclists a wide range of possibilities designed for all people: for those looking for big emotions and for families looking for an active holiday. Discover all the BTT routes!




    • Circuit A: Montenartró

      Circuit A: Montenartró

      This route enables you to discover the north side of Massís de l'Orri. Leaving the Hotel Port Aine, you will cross a trail to reach this small village located at 3,000 m. There you can take a break and have a snack at the Hostel. Afterwards you will continue the circuit through a mountain road to Roní.

      Distance: 25.5 km
      Time: 2 h 30 min
      Ascent: 170 m
      Difficulty: low


    • Circuit B: Romadriu

      Circuit B: Romadriu

      Incredible trip to one of the wildest parts of Massís de l'Orri. Once you arrive at Sant Joan de l'Erm vell, you go down a track with continuous curves to this small village, almost abandoned a few years ago. Then you follow its access road to Montenartró junction and continue the same path as route A.

      Distance: 32.3 km
      Time: 2 h 45 min
      Ascent: 290 m
      Difficulty: medium



    • Circuit C: Sant Joan de l’Erm

      Circuit C: Sant Joan de l’Erm

      Circular track that will lead you to this ski resort. You will use the same slopes used by skiers to return through Culla, which is the top of the center, after crossing through the Basseta and Pallerols shelters. Highly recommended for those people interested in doing a demanding workout at an average of 1,830 m on average.


      Distance: 29.6 km
      Time: 2 h 45 min
      Ascent: 900 m
      Difficulty: high

    • Circuit D: Port del Cantó

      Circuit D: Port del Cantó

      This circuit can actually be considered a real trip: its landscape and land change countinuously. It is the ideal place for having a picnic or having lunch along the way. There is also some parts of this route only suitable for experienced cyclists. The eastern side of the Massís will allow you to see Sant Joan de l'Erm slopes, with magnificient views of Alt Urgell and Cerdanya and then you will enoy the Vall de Siarb, crossing Prat Muntaner. During the route you will admire some small villages, such us, Rubió, Llagunes, Soriguera... and some paths along the river that you allow you to travel in time.

      Distance: 16.8 km
      Time: 2 h
      Ascent: 625 m
      Difficulty: very high

    • Circuit E: Comes de Rubió

      Circuit E: Comes de Rubió

      It is an easy and long distance circuit. It starts at Pic de l'Orri and it is designed for families or people that have not enough skills with the bike. The entire route take place in trails and roads. You can stop at Rubió, the highest village in Catalonia and then continue the route following Port del Cantó road, 18 km away from Sort.

      Distance: 31.1 km
      Time: 2 h
      Ascent: 32 m
      Difficulty: low

    • Circuit F: Embonui

      Circuit F: Embonui

      Long circuit on the west face of the mountain. It takes place from Embonui to Sort. You can also take Cantó road if you want to avoid this part. Suitable for all those people who already have technical knowledges and experience.

      Distance: 28.3 km
      Time: 2 h 15 min
      Ascent: 201 m
      Difficulty: high

    • Circuit G: Colinos

      Circuit G: Colinos

      Suitable for all those people having fun while going down the hills. When leaving the Hotel you have to take the road. In 2 km you will take a track to the left to Beraní and then you will visit Sant Joan de Colinos ruins. Afterwards you will find a technical road. The trail along Rial river will let you know Noguera Pallaresa from another perspective.

      Distance: 16.5 km
      Time: 2 h 30 min
      Ascent: 138 m
      Difficulty: very high

    • Circuit H: Roques d’Auló

      Circuit H: Roques d’Auló

      Metres and meters of descent in the woods, in a marked circuit. During the Spanish Civil War this area witnessed one of the most noted part lived in the Pyrenees.

      After 900 meters descending, you will arrive at Roní, a small village where you can continue until the main road or take Port Ainé road until the bridge. A trip to remember.


      Distance: 13.7 km (to Roní)
      Time: 2 h
      Ascent: 123 m
      Difficulty: very high

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