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Route to discover Natural Park

  • Route to discover the Natural Park


    There are two available routes. Participants will be accompanied and guided by qualified instructors.

    This activity consists of two routes: the first one, which has a length of 1.5 km, is located at 2,000 m at Port Ainé Resort - Play Park. The second route is only available with an instructor and it is for a mimimum of 4 participants. It goes to Pic de l'Orri (2,440 m), where visitors will enjoy a complete tour in which they will admire the view of the Pyrenees and all the Natural Park.

    To make both routes, participants need to bring sport shoes, comfortable clothes and a backpack with sunscreen, warm clothes, water and waterproof.

    Both routes are suitable for all ages. The length of the first rout is about 1 hour and the length of the second one is 3 h 30 min. Booking required. Minimum 4 people.

    Rates: from € 14.00

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