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We already have the winners of the Skithon challenge to the FGC stations

News date: 17-04-2019
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The most anticipated challenge of the year, the Skithon closes with 600 participants and almost 65,000 km registered skied in our ski resorts!

At the FGC stations this year it launched this fantastic challenge and today closes announcing the winners.


The challenge was to record the maximum number of kilometers skied through the Skitude application at the stations of La Molina, Vall de Núria, Vallter2000, Espot or Port Ainé.


Some 600 people have participated in the challenge both with skis or with snowboarding and among all have registered 64,423.81 km.


What are the prizes?

There are two awards. The first is that the skier or surfer with more kilometers under his skis or table will be rewarded with a seasonal FGC Group pass for the 2019/20 season.

The second: Among all the participants that register tracks at the FGC Group stations will be drawn 5 double day passports for the 2019/20 season.


Want to know which winners are?

First of all, in Carles Val! Congratulations on your season pass!


Secondly we have all the winners of a double day pass by at:

Víctor (Vicklaus)

Xavi (Xavill)

Jordi (Jordi2071)

Agustí (Agustibarbera)

Angel (ronda16)


Congratulations to all! Thank you very much for participating and helping to make this challenge a success!

We already have the winners of the Skithon challenge to the FGC stations
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