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FGC is building the new car park in Port Ainé, with a capacity for 290 vehicles

News date: 19-05-2021
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The work consists of the construction of two parking platforms, compatible with the slope of the mountain, and preserving a central island of trees

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) is carrying out work on the new car park that will serve the ski and mountain resort of Port Ainé, in the municipality of Rialp, from next winter season.


The 9,000 m2 space will have a capacity for 290 vehicles, which will add to the 956 parking spaces that the station and the surrounding tourist services already have. The work, with an investment of 935,000 euros, will last 5 months. The project is carried out using bioengineering techniques in order to respect the environment as much as possible and ensure the landscape integration of the action.


The car park, which is being built at the foot of Port Ainé resort, on the north side, will have an 8-meter-wide two-way access road that will be widened by widening the existing road. This road leads to the parking platform, which will have a single direction of rotation.


The parking area will be built on two levels, compatible with the mountain slope. In the central part, an island with natural tree land will be preserved that will separate the two levels of the car park. The ring road will be 6 meters wide and a 5 meter strip will be left on each side for the parking of battery vehicles.


To contain the central island of the car park, retaining walls will be made with bioengineering techniques, taking advantage of the trunks of the trees in the area. The project includes environmental compensatory measures, such as the stabilization of the meanders of the Port Ainé ravine using a breakwater, as well as the stabilization and hydroseeding of the slopes of the car park to the right of the hotel at Port Ainé station.


With this action, FGC expands the parking capacity at the Pallars station, which already has other parking areas (350 spaces at the intermediate station and 606 at the upper station), and ensures access to the station respectful of the natural environment.

FGC is building the new car park in Port Ainé, with a capacity for 290 vehicles
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